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Finely scented Shea butter for all over body use.

The Perfume Chick is the largest producer of scented & unscented whipped Shea Butter with a collection of over 150 different scents for both men and women. We are purveyors of the finest quality, all-natural, Shea butter (finely scented, whipped, refined and unrefined). Our customers constantly rave about our long lasting scents and the attention they receive when wearing our high quality products. We have received remarkable feedback on how our natural whipped Shea butter has improved several skin conditions, including ezcema. Perfume Chick whipped Shea butter is the perfect all-natural moisturizer for healthy, beautiful looking skin. PLEASE USE THE CONTACT PORTION OF THIS WEBSITE TO TELL US WHAT SCENTS YOU WOULD LIKE AND THEN SELECT THE ITEMS AND PUT THEM IN YOUR CART. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO ADD SHIPPING. YOUR ORDER WILL NOT BE PROCESSED WITH OUT IT. If you have any queries whatsoever, or you wish to place an order for one of our exciting products, you can reach us on 240-602-9063 OR 240-970-2828 .

About the Owners (John and Gee Goodine)

JGG (John and Guynin Goodine) Perfume Chick Distributors was founded in 2016. Selling Perfume Chick Shea Butter was a natural progression for us. We were customers several years before becoming distributors and were so enthused about the product, we were happy to make it out own. We pride ourselves on our exemplary customer service. We offer private "smellings" at your home and free delivery to our customers that are incapacitated or shut in. Do you have an event coming up at your home, lodge, or church? We would be happy to vend at any event. We offer the highest quality shea butter at the best possible price. We have a shop in our home and have been able to sustain our excellent customer relationships by ensuring that we supply precisely what our customers need, and afford them the opportunity to shop and sample at their leisure and in the comfort of our home. Our customer care service is second to none – if you have a problem with any of our products, we’re on hand to help sort out your problems and also recommend more suitable products. We cater to each customer separately and professionally. We love our customers and Welcome to the Addiction❤️❤️❤️❤️.

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